Piano Rally

RALLY DAY: TBA April 2023 at Angelle Hall

Sponsored by Louisiana Music Teachers Association

Chairs: Hannah Mayo, Mila Olivier, Sue Steck-Turner, and Chan Kiat Lim

Registration fee: $30/student

Teacher Form #4 (in the rally database) and fees due March 19.

Form #1 should be completed (in the rally database) by March 26.

Membership in LMTA is not required to participate. However, fees are different for non-member teachers. Non-members pay an additional fee of $100/teacher for their students to participate.

General information about the rally, including the description of the four rally parts, syllabus, student database, etc. can be found on the LMTA Rally page. Click the button below to navigate to that page.

All teachers should sign up to bring lunch/hospitality items on the day of rally.

Rally Practice Tests and Keys

To request Rally practice tests, use the button below to navigate to a request form. You will receive all levels (PA-IV).

Tests: $20

Keys: $20

Use this form to indicate whether you want to request tests, keys, or both. Someone will contact you to arrange delivery.

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