Federation News – Legnon Group

The 2021 Federation Solo/Hymn/Folk Song Festival for the Legnon Group will be held the morning of January 30 at Asbury First Methodist Church.  The deadline for entries is January 9.  This is a firm deadline and we ask that you plan accordingly.  You will receive specific instructions for entries in December.   

It is important for you to know that all of these plans are tentative due to the status of the pandemic at that time.  We will have to strictly adhere to safety procedures set by Asbury and LFMC.  Everyone will be required to wear masks and only one family member per student will be permitted to enter the building.  Specific instructions will be given for both teachers and students in January. 

If you have a ball park number for the students you will be entering, please send it to Courtney Legnon as soon as possible. Should the number of participants exceed the morning time allotment at Asbury, the festival will be divided between Asbury and the studio of Sue Steck-Turner. 

We will greatly appreciate your utmost cooperation in making this festival happen! 

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